Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

About the book: Detective Harry Hole embarrassed the force, and for his sins he's been reassigned to mundane surveillance tasks. But while monitoring neo-Nazi activities in Oslo, Hole is inadvertently drawn into a mystery with deep roots in Norway's dark past, when members of the government willingly collaborated with Nazi Germany. More than sixty years later, this black mark won't wash away--and disgraced old soldiers who once survived a brutal Russian winter are being murdered, one by one. Now, with only a stained and guilty conscience to guide him, an angry, alcoholic, error-prone policeman must make his way safely past the traps and mirrors of a twisted criminal mind. For a conspiracy is taking rapid and hideous shape around Hole . . . and Norway's darkest hour may be still to come.

My thoughts: Great read, solid mystery with interesting twists. I recommend it.

Dead Waters by Anton Strout

About the book: Simon Canderous, of the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, is used to fighting vampires and zombies. But the strange murder of a professor has everyone stumped. And it's making some people crazy. Literally.

My Thoughts: Dead Waters is the 4th book in the Simon Canderous series and I enjoyed it almost as much as the other three.  One of the things I enjoy so much is the way the author makes fun of bureaucratic red tape using the Department of Extraordinary Affairs (DEA.) I find the names of the various workshops they have to attend funny as well. The characters are well written as is the world.

"Are you, like the Men in Black"....

"No, they're fictional. You know that, don't you... Because they have a huge budget and unlimited resources."