Saturday, December 15, 2012

81 Books

Well, this has been a very interesting year for us. The kids lived with us for 8 months, which was quite a life changing event but one I wouldn't change for anything. My husband and I have both had medical issues this year as well which slowed me down. And now my 87 year old father is in need of care for a broken arm. But God is good and he is seeing us through. God willing dad will gain his strength back and achieve his goal of returning home.

Even with all this I managed to read 81 books this year, quite a few short of my goal of 100 but many more than I thought I'd get to.

I did not post them here and I won't go back and try to put them in. However I kept track of them at Goodreads on my 2012 shelf. If you would like to view the list this is the link:

I will make plans for next year and hope to meet my goals! Happy reading!