Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob #7 (Hank the Cowdog) by John R. Erickson

From the publisher: From rags to riches . . .
When Pete the Barncat offers to trade good, juicy steak scraps for a couple of old corncobs, Hank the Cowdog smells a rat. Why would Pete want to trade -- unless the cobs are worth a fortune? So, armed with his Incredible Priceless Corncobs, Hank sets out to plan his Early Retirement. But retirement and the life of luxury don't come as easily as Hank expects. It seems as though everyone is after his treasure -- even his faithful sidekick, Drover! Can Hank save his fortune without losing his friends, or will he have to give up his riches for the sake of the ranch?

My thoughts: What a hoot! I read one or two Hank the Cowdog books to my class every year. This is the first one of this school year. The class enjoyed it and so did I. The laugh out loud moments are priceless! That Pete the Barn Cat is one sneaky cat.

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