Monday, December 22, 2008

Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies by Tracy Barr & Peter F. Veling-DVM

From the cover: So you want to adopt or are thinking about adopting a Yorkshire Terrier. The 6th most popular dog in the U.S., Yorkies are energetic, playful, and loving companions—and they’re cute as a button! But it’s wise to know enough about the breed to determine whether or not a Yorkie is the right dog for you. This fun, friendly guide helps you decide if a Yorkie suits your lifestyle and gives you expert advice on keeping your dog healthy and content.
Yorkshire Terriers For Dummies is for you if you’re thinking about getting a puppy or adult Yorkie and want to know the best way to take care of this perky little pet. This guide gives you the straight facts on everything you need to know about the health and well being of your Yorkie.
My thoughts: I found this book informative, accurate, easy to read and intertaining. If there is a subject I want to know about and there is a For Dummies book on it I usually go there first. I enjoy the bits of humor that are thrown in and the easy to read format. I actually have two Yorkies, one a pup.

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