Monday, March 14, 2011

And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss Review: Marco is in a pickle. His father has instructed him to keep his eyes peeled for interesting sights on the way to and from school, but all Marco has seen is a boring old horse and wagon. Imagine if he had something more to report, say, a zebra pulling the wagon. Or better yet, the zebra could be pulling a blue and gold chariot. No, wait! Maybe it should be a reindeer in that harness. Marco's story grows ever more elaborate as he reasons that a reindeer would be happier pulling a sled, then that a really unusual sight would be an elephant with a ruby-bedecked rajah enthroned on top. "Say! That makes a story that no one can beat, / When I say that I saw it on Mulberry Street." Time and again, Marco tops himself until he is positively wound up with excitement and bursts into his home to tell his dad what he saw on Mulberry Street.

My thoughts: Since Dr. Seuss' birthday is in March I thought that my Picture Books this month should be by the man himself. This one, first published in 1937, is one of my favorites. The pictures start out small and simple but by the end they are elaborate, spanning two pages each as you follow Marco in his quest to think of something really cool to tell his dad. In the end he simply tells the truth.

There was so much to tell, I JUST COULDN'T BEGIN!
Dad looked at me sharply and pulled at his chin.
He frowned at me sternly from there in his seat,
"Was there nothing to look people to greet?
Did nothing excite you or make your heart beat?"

"Nothing," I said, growing red as a beet,
"But a plain horse and wagon on Mulberry Street."

What a great book for encouraging imagination! You and your kids will love the rhyme and rhythm of the words as well as looking at the details of the pictures.

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