Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bitsys Bait and BBQ by Pamela Morsi

This is a cute light romance. I enjoyed it and think you will too. It takes place in the Ozarks. I once lived there, so know how beautiful it is.

Emma has always taken care of her younger sister. Katy's divorce sends her and her young son back to live with Emma who had been planning to go back to school. Not wanting to be a further burden to Emma Katy uses her settlement money to purchase a bed-and-breakfast, off the internet, sight unseen, in the Ozarks. It turns out to be a bait and barbeque business in small town of Warbler Lake. Emma moves there with Katy and they become a part of the community. Soon Katy's awful mother-in-law and ex-husband come to take her son away from her. This is a sweet, amusing story with a happy ending.

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