Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crusader's Cross by James Lee Burke

From the Back: In Crusader's Cross, a deathbed confession from an old schoolmate resurrects a story of injustice, the murder of a young woman, and a time in Dave Robicheaux's life he has tried to forget. Her name may or may not have been Ida Durbin. It was back in the innocent days of the 1950s when Robicheaux and his brother, Jimmie, met her on a Galveston beach. She was pretty and Jimmie fell for her hard -- not knowing she was a prostitute with ties to the mob. Then Ida was abducted and never seen again. Now, decades later, Robicheaux is asking questions about Ida Durbin, and a couple of redneck deputy sheriffs make it clear that asking questions is a dangerous game.
My thoughts: I enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed the other Dave Robicheaux books. I find myself rereading paragraphs and sentences to savor the authors descriptions and turns of phrases. This story was somewhat convoluted but good none the less.

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