Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Another Judgement Day by Simon R. Green

Product description : There's a new sheriff in town, and he's got the Nightside's rich and powerful quaking in their boots. He's The Walking Man, and it's his mission to exorcise sinners - with extreme prejudice. Problem is, the Nightside was built on sin and corruption, and The Walking Man makes no distinction between evildoers and those simply indulging themselves. He'll leave the place a wasteland unless someone stops him, and P.I. John Taylor has been handed the job. No known magic or science can affect The Walking Man, and if John can't discover his weakness, he'll be facing the very Wrath of God.
My thoughts: The Walking Man, God's Wrath, has come to the Nightside to take care of sinners and take out The Authorities. John faces him with cunning and help from friends and enemies alike. This story was a lot more gruesome than any of the others, except possibly the one about the Lilith War. The sins detailed, especially at the beginning, a lot more awful. John and Suzie’s relationship develops some as Suzie begins to heal from her abused youth. We find out that Walker, the Nightside’s caretaker, is facing something that will have great implications in series’ future.
It was a quick, enjoyable read. I always look forward to the next Nightside book. This alternate existence and the characters in it are always surprising, inventive, one of a kind,and a bit of a horror.

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