Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Nest for the Wicket by Donna Andrews

From the front flap:Font size EXtreme croquet is the current rage in Caerphilly, where Meg and her fiance have bought a house. While this society game can get quite warm, it hasn't reached the stage of actual homicide, at least not until Meg finds the body of a dead woman down a small cliff. Her head has been bashed in, perhaps by a croquet mallet. Meg is drawn into the mystery.

In the meantime, the old house needs many improvements and and swarms with an entire family of working men. Meg's father is the overseer but is easily distracted since he has a tendency to become wrapped up in his current animal charges. This time it's ducks.

My Thoughts: As you may have noticed, I enjoy Cozy mysteries and funny stories. Donna Andrew's Meg Langslow series is one of my favorites in this genre. I didn't find this one as funny as some of the others but still got some good chuckles. I enjoyed the premise of this, murder during an eXtreme croquet match. This was a fun read, so go for it. The first book I read in this series, Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon, will stand out in my memory as the funniest.

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