Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

I read this book to my class every year in February and always tear up at the end. This book is a simple and poignant story that shows life as a circle and you get back what you give. It is about the lifelong bond between parents and their children.

It ties in nicely with the character word Love, which our counselor presents to the school in Feb. for the love family members feel for each other. Second grade teachers at my school (all 7 of us) have built a unit around this story including vocabulary, comprehension, character building, etc. The kids always enjoy it and laugh at the antics of the boy.

I was frankly shocked earlier today when I read some reviews at Amazon to find lots of people who didn't like this book. If they take this story as literally as they seem to, then I feel that the joy of lots of other children's books must be lost to them as well.

Read here to see what the author has to say about this book & why he wrote it.
Listen to the author TELL this story (& several others)
See a preview of the book here.

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Anonymous said...

This book still makes me cry. I loved reading it to my kids!

Deefor said...

In an ESL Family literacy program where I teach, we read this book with our parents and then they make Valentines for their kids.