Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just the Two of Us by Will Smith

About the book: "Just the two of us, Building castles in the sky; Just the two of us, You and I." Will Smith--- musician, actor, and father--brings us a moving celebration of fatherhood. Smith's heartfelt lyrics and Kadir Nelson's vibrant paintings capture the beauty and intensity of a father's love as his child grows from a boy into a man. This poignant portrait will resonate with fathers and sons everywhere.

My thoughts: After I read "Love You Forever" to my class one of my students brought this to me to read. It is a sweet book
about a father's love for his son. The father prays that he will be a good dad, knows it will take time and work. He encourages his son to live with "Dignity, integrity, honor..." and "Always tell the truth, say your prayers, hold doors, pull out chairs, easy on the swears..." I liked it and like it even more now that I have viewed the youtube video of Smith singing it. It felt awkward to read, but I see now that is is due to it being a rap. Maybe next time I read it will come out better.

See the author sing the story on youtube. I'm not a rap fan but I like this.

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Yvette Kelly said...

Oh,good to know.I would love to read this book.