Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lesley Anne Ivory's Perfect Little Cats

Product Description:
A collection of cat paintings. 15 cats and kittens of all kinds and colours are depicted against a variety of decorative backgrounds. Every illustration is faced by an extract of verse or prose by famous writers, such as Champfleury, William Cowper and Charles Baude.

First line: Here by the sacrad hearth I lie, High priest of the silken mat, Guarding with imperious eye, The Precinct of the cat.

My thoughts: I love Lesley Anne Ivory's art and when I ran across this little gem at a used book store I snapped it up. It is a very slim volumn with 15 pictures and 15 quotations. The illustrations are lovely and the quotations about cats that face each illustration make for fun reading. Especially if you are a cat person. If you are not a cat person, don't bother with this one. I loved it.

"He's delicately tough, endearingly reserved,
Adaptable, fastidious, rope-and-fibre-nerved.
Now an accomplished Yogi, good at sitting still,
He ponders ancient mysteries on the window-sill,
Now stretches, bares his claws and saunters off to find
The thrills of love and hunting, cunningly combined.
Acrobat, diplomat, and simply tabby cat,
He conjures tangled forests in a furnished flat."

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Lesley Anne Ivory

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