Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

Product Description: FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years: the one that tells her the Poet has returned. Years earlier she worked on the famous case tracking down the serial killer who wove lines of poetry into his hideous crimes. Rachel has never forgotten the killer who called himself the Poet — and apparently he has not forgotten her.

Harry Bosch gets a call, too. The former LAPD detective hears from an old friend whose husband recently died. The death appeared natural, but this man's ties to the hunt for the Poet make Harry dig deep — and lead him into a terrifying and unknown world.

First Line: She was in darkness, floating on a black sea, a starless sky above. She could hear nothing and see nothing. It was a perfect black moment but then Rachel Walling opened her eyes from the dream.

My Thoughts: This is the 10th Harry Bosch novel and Connelly's 14 novel. In the first part of the book Rachel and Harry are following their own investigations before finally ending up in the same place and finding out they are working on the same thing from different angles. The book gets off to a slow start and then takes several twists and turns before coming to a conclusion. The story takes you from California to Las Vegas to the Mojave desert. I don't think it is a mystery, it's more like a suspensful hunt. The book alternates between first person narrative when Bosch is telling his part of the story and third person narrative when dealing with Rachel. I like that the book is not just about the hunt, you learn about Harry and Rachel. You feel Harry's love for his daughter and how Rachel is dealing with being demoted previous to this novel. This isn't my favorite Connelly book (That would be Void Moon at this point) but it was still a good read.

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Quote:"The device had one waypoint in its record. The Mojave. Just inside the California border at Nevada. We flew out yesterday and we went to the marker. We've been using gas probes in the sand. Late yesterday we found the first body, Rachel."

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