Friday, October 28, 2011

Eve by Iris Johansen

About the book: Could John Gallo, a man from Eve’s past, be the missing piece to the puzzle that has haunted her for years? Why was he in Atlanta just before Bonnie’s disappearance? Find out in this brilliant narrative that goes back to Eve Duncan’s early life, exploring her history and motivations like no other novel before.

Finally the answers surrounding the disappearance of Eve Duncan’s daughter, Bonnie, will be revealed in EVE, the first book in a spellbinding trilogy from Iris Johansen.

My Thoughts: I have been keeping up with Eve Duncan and Joe for years. As usual, Eve tries to cut Joe out because she doesn't want him to be hurt. And as usual he goes along anyway. This is something that has not set well with me over the course of the series. Poor Joe. by the end of this novel I knew a lot more about Eve than had ever been revealed before and a lot more about Bonnie's kidnapping. Of course it is the first in a trilogy within the series so the end was left in a cliff hanger. Of course I'll have to read the other two.

Rating: B-

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