Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Small Favor by Jim Butcher

I have enjoyed this series and enjoyed the short lived TV series on the SciFi channel, The Dresden Files. Small Favor is the 10th Dresden book.

Harry has had a year of peace. Then Mab, queen of the Winter Court of the Sidhe comes to collect one of the two favors owed to her by Dresden. Just a small favor. She shows him how gentleman Johnnie Marcone was kidnapped. She wants Harry to get him back.

Throughout the book Harry is fighting a variety of foes including gruffs, the beings the old fairy story Three Billy Goats were based on. Butcher's imagination in the creation of creatures is great. His main enemies are the Black Denarians, the kidnappers of Marcone. With the help of the White Council, particularly Captain Luccio, Dresden pursues his quest. The action is nonstop. Dresden remains a good guy, a hero.

I've seen some speculation that this may be Butcher's last Dresden book, however there was enough foreshadowing that I am looking forward to the next book.

If you like fantasy with a touch of magic I thin you'll like this one. Dresden fans will love it.


Marg said...

I've only read one of the books from this series. I liked it a bit....will eventually read more.

Julie and Zane Family! said...

You don't know me... But I stumbled accross your blog. I absolutly love this series too!