Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughes

Product Description: Betrayed, drugged into oblivion, and captured--thus came Tarzan to be a prisoner in the deepest dungeon of Opar, lost Atlantis city of gold. But even as the flames of treason engulfed La, Queen of Opar, she sacrificed all to rescue him. Followed by Tarzan's fierce golden lion, Jad-bal-ja, they escaped into the deadly Valley of the Palace of Diamonds, where cruel bejeweled gorillas hungered to destroy Queen La and Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

My thoughts: This book was first put out in 1923. The copy I have (pictured) is from 1945. I chose to read this in my 5x4 personal challenge. The section is "Books That Are Older Than Me That Are Sitting On My Bookshelf." I have never read a Burroughes book but have intended to read this for years. Tarzan is timeless, a good hearted hero everyone knows. I enjoyed reading it just for that. There’s good and bad writing. There's not much character development and there are plenty of cheap thrills. The good guys were good, the bad guys were bad,the women beautiful and in love with Tarzan. One of the main plot devices, a look-alike for Tarzan, was pretty bad. You know the kind of bad I mean,: so bad you have to love it. I would have loved this as a youngster when I desperately wanted a pet lion! Who knows, I might read another, it really was a fun read.

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Check it out. You can purchase a statue here.

Description - ReelArt Studios presents a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs's iconic jungle hero Tarzan of the Apes.Inspired by the classic illustration of Burroughs artist J. Allen St. John the statue depicts Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja his fierce golden lion from the dust cover of the 1923 first edition A. C. McClurg book of the same title


Teddyree said...

There is something extra special about reading old, books. I'm reading a couple of my Dad's for my childhood favourites challenge

Jo, a retired teacher said...

My sister always used the original Tarzan as a read-aloud when she taught 6th grade. She claimed the students loved it. It has been an awfully long time since I read it.

I admire your attitude about reading/listening to such a broad range of books. I find myself sticking to certain genres, although the books available to my new Kindle have lead me to try some new ones lately.

I appreciate the award too, thank you.

Jenne said...

Great review and thanks for reminding me about Tarzan! I'm going to go get the second book from the library. I read the first book some years ago and have read and enjoyed several of the "John Carter" series, too.

jeddak said...

For more on the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs you may peruse the official Websites and Webzines - over 10,000 Web pages:

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