Sunday, July 5, 2009

Savage Run by C.J. Box

About the book: Joe Pickett returns to his slightly offbeat duties in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains in C. J. Box's Savage Run. Joe is called to the scene when an exploding cow kills a famous ecoterrorist, Stewie Woods, and his bride of three days, who were peacefully spiking trees. A visit to the cow's owner leaves Joe defensive, angry, and curious: Why doesn't the rancher ask any questions about the bizarre accident that happened on his land? Then Joe's wife, Marybeth, begins receiving phone calls from her high-school boyfriend—-the peculiarly healthy-sounding Stewie Woods. Stewie may or may not be alive, but his old pal Hayden Powell and other environmental activists are all turning up deceased in strange circumstances. As the body count climbs, Joe tries to sort out the bad guys, the good guys, and the truly dead guys in this sometimes funny, sometimes angry sequel to Box's award-winning first novel, Open Season. Box depicts the spare beauty and cussed individualism of the intermountain West with the sure hand of a seasoned writer.
My Thoughts: This is actually the second novel in the Joe Pickett series, but as usual I've read them out of order. Joe is a good guy trying to do his job and I like him. This novel is a bit gruesome at times as you see in the beginning with the apparent murder of eco-terrorist Stewie Woods. The descriptions of the Wyoming wilderness are wonderful and the chase through it is exciting. I would love to see Pickett grow some confidence to go with his good guy status. All in all another great read! I will be reading more books by C.J. Box.
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