Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wet Dog by Elsie Broach

Synopsis: On a hot, hot day, a good old dog just has to get some relief! Around the steamy country lanes, he sniffs and searches until he finds a chauffeur washing a shiny car, a baker scrubbing some sticky pans, and a florist spraying a pink bouquet. they're all getting ready for a country wedding, and this overheated pup just wants to plunge into the fun—and water! but will the wedding party in their fancy finery welcome this gotta-be-cool pooch? Zany characters, zingy lines, and high-spirited scenes abound in this witty and affectionate story by author Elise Broach and New York Times best illustrated book Award winner David Catrow.

First line: He was a good old dog and a hot old dog, as he lay in the noonday sun.

My thoughts: I picked this up at the library to read to my niece and nephew simply because the the picture on the cover called to me. I loved the simple funny story of a hot dog looking for some relief from the heat of the day.The pictures are charming, colorful and full of detail. Every time he found somewhere to cool off he would shake and drench everything around him. He was then a "sorry-dog." I smiled all the way through. I'm going to buy this one.

Quote:"Old Dog smiled his sorry-dog smile and wagged his sorry-dog tail."

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