Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All the Flowers Are Dying by Lawrence Block

About the book: "A man in a Virginia prison awaits execution for three hideous murders he swears, in the face of irrefutable evidence, he did not commit. A psychologist who claims to believe the convict spends hours with the man in his death row cell, and ultimately watches in the gallery as the lethal injection is administered. His work completed, the psychologist heads back to New York City to attend to unfinished business."

Meanwhile, Matthew Scudder has just agreed to investigate the ostensibly suspicious online lover of an acquaintance. It seems simple enough. At first. But when people start dying and the victims are increasingly closer to home, it becomes clear that a vicious killer is at work. And the final targets may be Matt and Elaine Scudder.

My thoughts: This is the 16th in the Matthew Scudder series and the first one I've read. The mystery was a good one, keeping me listening. However, for my taste in reading, the sadistic acts preformed by the bad guy went into too much detail especially since there were three children involved. I will probably go back and try to read some of the earlier books to see where this all started. I would not suggest you start this series with this book. I wish I hadn't.

As I stated above I listened to this one. It was read by the author. On one hand I liked hearing the actual author. On the other hand all the characters sounded alike.

Rating: C 

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