Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blue-Eyed Devil by Robert Parker

Product Description

Once, Appaloosa law was Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Now it's Amos Callico, a vindictive, power-hungry tin star with bigger aims-and he could use Cole and Hitch on his side. This time the paid guns aren't for hire, which makes Callico a very vengeful man. But threatening Cole and Hitch ignites something just as dangerous.

  • Paperback: 304 pages

  • Publisher: Berkley (May 3, 2011)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0425241459

    First line: Law enforcement in Appaloosa had once been Virgil Cole and me.
    My Thoughts: This is fourth entry in the Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch series. I have found this western series to be very entertaining and liked this one as much as the other three. This story, which is told mostly in dialog, moves right along, it is a quick easy read that keeps you interested. The bad guys are the kind you love to hate and the good guys might not be as good as you think. The characters have been well developed over the course of the series. I love the quirky dialog between Cole and Hitch. I was so sad to find that this popular author has passed away.
    Rating: B
    He didn’t show it. But I knew Virgil was getting restless. It drove him crazy when people rambled on, except when it was him.
    “So, I thought to myself, Lamar, here’s a chance to get some first-rate help. If you boys will agree, I’ll hire you, and if there’s trouble, you’ll take care of it.”
    “How much?” Virgil said.
    Speck told him.
    “You don’t have anybody sitting lookout?” Virgil said.
    “The police arrested my last one,” Speck said. “Turns out he was wanted in Kansas.”
    “Kansas,” Virgil said, and looked at me.
    “The police keep a sharp eye in Appaloosa,” I said.
    “We run our own show,” Virgil said. “Post a list of rules, people obey them or they leave. People give us trouble, we shoot them.”
    “You think people gonna obey the rules ’cause they like us?” Virgil said.
    “Well, ah, no, of course not, I guess.”
    “They obey the rules ’cause they know we’ll shoot,” Virgil says. “Which means maybe, now and then, we’ll have to.”
    “Well, I . . . certainly. You know this work best.”

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    Jo, a retired teacher said...

    I think of Robert Parker books as delightful snacks. They're quick to read, entertaining, and don't require a big investment of energy or thought. I didn't know this was in the western series. Thank you.