Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gome Tomorrow by Lee Child

About the Book: Reacher takes the subway late at night, and routinely checks his fellow passengers. Four are okay, but the fifth is not. Checking against his mental list for suicide bombers, he comes to the conclusion that the fifth is one too. He is puzzled with her choice of timing and place, as it is not crowded; on the contrary the subway was exceedingly empty. He reasons with her, but she shoots herself. He is determined to discover why she killed herself and soon uncovers a massive conspiracy stretching from California to New York City to even Afghanistan.

My thoughts:I am a fan of this series and I think this was an exciting, satisfying read, a good addition to the series.  This was a page turner, especially the second half of the book. Read this, enjoy it and don't expect all scenes to be totally realistic. I like the bits humor that Child includes in these books: Reacher's rubber gardening clogs and some of his macho posturing gave me a chuckle. I like Reacher, he is a good guy and good to have on your side! 

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