Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Mice and Men by John Steainbeck

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After having read The Grapes of Wrath a while back I decided that I needed to read Of Mice and Men. I got the tape from the library and listened to it. Again I can't believe I lived to be this old and haven't read this. George and Lennie (mentally disabled) are migrant workers dreaming of having their own place one day. Lennie wants to tend the rabbits, it seems to be his fondest dream of this idealistic future. Lennie is big and strong and with his child like mentality is unaware of just how strong he is. Given the time in which the novel was written, his handling of the mentally handicapped Lennie is tender and compassionate. George befriends him and tries to keep him out of trouble. They get jobs at a ranch where fortune smiles on them, and their dream seems to be within reach. An accident involving Lennie ends it all. A tragic and memorable book which was, at one time, banned. 5


Miss_Yves said...

A great book!
miss Yves

Jenne said...

I also read the Grapes of Wrath first and maybe that was why I put off reading this one till this past month. So poignant!