Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reckless Abandon by Stuart Woods

In this book the main character is Stone Barrington, an ex-cop-turned-lawyer. He is helping Holly Barker find a killer Trini Rodriguez, who is hiding in NYC. Holly had faced this guy in the book "Blood Orchids" and thought he was out for good. Now Trini is in the protection of the FBI as a witness.
I didn't really like this book much. It wasn't a very long book, but still managed to ramble in places. I couldn't believe that the main characters were thrown in a basement room by mobsters and proceeded to have sex and go to sleep. Please. He then talked the bad guys out of killing them with a little name dropping. Stone had already talked Trini out of killing them once by saying that everyone would know who did it. Trini left them and went straight to his safd house and killed an FBI agent. I guess he thought no one would know he did that.
I hate to give it a 2, I know this series is popular, but I probably won't try another. Did you read it and like it? 2

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