Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blood Trail by C.J. Box

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Here is the newest, the 8th, Joe Pickett novel! It is the third one I've read. I like the character Joe Pickett. He is and honest, moral, family man. He makes mistakes but sticks to what he thinks is right regardless. It usually gets him in trouble, and that's where he is at the end of this book, in a heap of big trouble.
Joe Pickett is now working directly for the Governor . He is called to go to a murder scene where an elk hunter has been murdered and strung up like an elk after the hunt. While working with his ex boss, Randy Pope Joe discovers that there have been more murders related to this one, all murdered hunters. Enter anti-hunting radical Klamath Moore. While following up on K. Moore Joe persuades the Governor to release his friend, and expert tracker, Nate Romanowski to help track down the killer. It was a good mystery, however I kind of had an idea of who did it early on.
This book is fairly violent in nature, involves hunting and murder. Not pretty.
It is a good mystery/thriller.

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