Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moon Pies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen

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What a cute chick lit book from a new to me arthor this is! In 1976 Texas the widow Ruby Kincaid,is running the bowling alley left to her by her husband. Her daughter, Violet, ran away four years ago and left behind her husband and two children, Bunny and Bubbie. When Ruby sees a television commercial featuring long-lost Violet she and her sassy sister, Loralva decide to go to California to find violet. Friends warn her that, in California, she'll end up "with transvestites licking her ear and stealing her dresses." Violet's awful mother-in-law, finances the trip but only because she feels that her daughter-in-law is now famous and can up her status. Loralva is focused on getting on The Price Is Right.
I enjoyed taking the trip with these three women and the two kids in a Winnabago. The game show was halarious.The search bittersweet.

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tinylittlelibrarian said...

Just the title makes me want to read it, but your review cements it, it sounds great. Thanks!