Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Cat Dancers by P.T. Deutermann

I've read two other P.T. Deutermann novels and liked them and was glad to find that I was not disappointed in the two I read this week. This is part of a series that features Lt. Cam Richter, a Lt. in the Manceford County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina.
The book open with a man dangling down a cliff fact trying to get a close up picture of a mountain lion in her den, at great personal risk. It then goes to a robbery of a mini mart in which two bad guys kill the owner as well as a soccer mom and her child. At the trial these two are let go on a technicality. Soon a video is sent showing the execution of one of the killers. It is followed by a video of the second one being executed. Cam is soon headed into the back country of the Great Smoky Mountains on the trail of both a group of vigilante killers and the elusive Eastern mountain lion.
This was a terrific thriller, very had to put down.

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