Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich

From Janet Evanovich: "In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote twelve short romance novels. Red-hot screwball comedies, each and every one of them. Nine of these stories were originally published by the Loveswept line between the years 1988 and 1992. All immediately went out of print and could be found only at used bookstores and yard sales. I'm excited to tell you that those nine stories are now being re-released by HarperCollins. Naughty Neighbor is the eighth in the lineup."

My thoughts: Well I can tell you I was glad to be able to read more of Evanovich's writing! These clever, cute little books are fun to read even if it's a little predictable. In this one Louisa, who works as a press secretary, becomes involved with Pete Streeter, her upstairs neighbor, when he steals her paper and gets phone calls at all hours of the night that disturb her. When she confronts him well, you just have to read it!

Go here to see a video of an interview with Janet,


Mary said...

Sounds cute. Did you read Wife For Hire? That's the only non-Stephanie Plum book I've read by Evanovich.

Aga said...

I will put it on my TBR list :)

Yes, it's a funny thing with 2 the same books in a short time ;) Let's see how it'll develop ;)


BTW - are you using BookMooch?