Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Night Watchman by James V. Viscosi

From the back: "Nate Watson is a cop in a bad section of Island City. Responding to a call from a frightened old woman, Nate and his partner Frank encounter a group of teenage thugs playing at black magic on the decrepit rooftops of the slums. Except they're not playing. Defeated by the boys' mysterious powers, Frank meets his death at the bottom of a ventilation shaft. He's the lucky one. The boys drag Nate into a circle of candles and saw him open from neck to waist, playing with what they find inside. When he dies they lose interest, snuff the candles, and depart. The night cools. The crows come to feed on the corpse. But then the candles flare back into life, and the birds take frightened flight, and Nate Watson returns...with a vengeance. "
My Thoughts:When he comes back, as the Night Watchman, Nate finds that the handcuffs he had been bound with now work as retractable chains, extensions of his will. I found this to be an captivating idea. This was a true horror story, complete with grim descriptions, evil beings, ghosts, zombies, and good Vs evil. Once I started it it was hard to put down. The characters and places Viscosi created were engaging, interesting. I would have loved for Yolanda, a psychic, to have had a bigger part. Readers of Horror fiction will like this one.

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Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoyed the Southern Reading Challenge and will do it again next year. I'll bookmark your blog and visit soon :~)