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Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

Book Description:
The wizards at Ankh-Morpork's Unseen University are renowned for many things—wisdom, magic, and their love of teatime—but athletics is most assuredly not on the list. And so when Lord Ventinari, the city's benevolent tyrant, strongly suggests to Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully that the university revive an erstwhile tradition and once again put forth a football team composed of faculty, students, and staff, the wizards of UU find themselves in a quandary. To begin with, they have to figure out just what it is that makes this sport—soccer with a bit of rugby thrown in—so popular with Ankh-Morporkians of all ages and social strata. Then they have to learn how to play it. Oh, and on top of that, they must win a football match without using magic.
Meanwhile, Trev (a handsome street urchin and a right good kicker) falls hard for kitchen maid Juliet (beautiful, dim, and perhaps the greatest fashion model there ever was), and Juliet's best pal, UU night cook Glenda (homely, sensible, and a baker of jolly good pies) befriends the mysterious Mr. Nutt (about whom no one knows very much, including Mr. Nutt, which is worrisome . . .). As the big match approaches, these four lives are entangled and changed forever. Because the thing about football—the most important thing about football­—is that it is never just about football.

Quote: "'I would like permission to fetch a note from my mother, sir" Ridcully sighed. "Rincewind, you once informed me, to my everlasting puzzlement, that you never knew your mother because she ran away before you were born. Distinctly remember writing it down in my diary. Would you like another try?" "Permission to go and find my mother?"

He spun around. "Hold the damn thing right he hissed."
"Sorry master," said his temporary apprentice, trying to controll the sliding, finger-crushing monster that every step-ladder becomes at the first opportunity, and often without any opportunity at all.

Why this book you might ask: I love Pratchett's books and this is the newest one. I had no choice.

My thoughts: As usual, this was a fun filled ride in the fantasy Discworld. It's amazing to me that an author who is suffering with Alzheimer's can still produce such a wonderful book. This was not just about football, (or soccer as we call it in the US) it was about finding love, prejudice, finding worth, friendship, bullying, following your dreams, and the interaction of social classes. One of the things I enjoy most in this series is Pratchett's turn of phrase. There were many clever, funny asides here that made me laugh out loud. I listened to this and loved the narration of Stephen Briggs. I'm saving this one to listen to again.

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Publisher: HarperAudio; Unabridged edition (November 3, 2009)
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