Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Three Miss Margarets by Louise Shaffer

About the book: Miss Peggy, Dr. Maggie, and Miss Li'l Bit, friends and confidantes for nearly a lifetime, find it funny and bewildering that they have become icons in Charles Valley, Georgia. Little does the rest of the town know that beneath the irreproachable facades of its three doyennes lies an explosive decades-old secret that is about to be revealed.

Thirty-odd years ago the three Miss Margarets did something extraordinary, clandestine, and very illegal. Although haunted by the night that changed their lives, they believe that their crime was simply a matter of righting an egregious wrong. But when a stranger's arrival in town and a tragic death opened the floodgates of memory. their loyalty, friendship, and honor are tested in ways they could never have imagined.
Quote: "Yes ma'am. I guess we southerners do take our history real serious. And Miss Li'l Bit, well, like I said, she's the real thing."

Well, "the real thing" was lying like a lump under her blankets, wearing the skirt and blouse she'd put on yesterday morning, her support hose and her second best pair of Natural Bridge Oxfords. Here her admirers would be shocked. And if they knew what else she'd done in her time.... But she wasn't going to think about that.

Why this book you might ask: This book was loaned to me to read by a friend who liked it a lot.

My thoughts: She was right! It was wonderful. I loved getting to know the three Miss Margarets and the other characters as well. This book, that spans three generations, was full of southern charm, mixed with friendship, murder, mystery, race relations, betrayal and loyalty. A vow of secrecy concerning a crime committed over thirty years ago, was made to protect people loved by the three. The story is revealed in layers, going back and forth in time. In each layer you learn more about each character, their relationships and the heart of their secret. It was not hard to follow, as I have found other books that go back and forth. By the end of the book the one person left who felt hurt by the Three Miss M's actions forgives them. I will be reading the sequel. Get it and read it!
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