Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Book description: The sole survivors of a devastating ship wreck, Alec Ramsey and The Black Stallion must learn to rely on each other to survive. As a strong bond develops between them, Alec gains the trust of the magnicficant beast and eventually The Black allows Alec to ride. Finally, they are rescued, but will Alec and the Black be allowed to stay together?
Quote: The Black was drinking from the spring. His large body too was beginning to show signs of starvation. Alec no longer felt any fear of him. The stallion raised his proud head and looked at the boy. Then he turned and trotted off. His mane, long and flowing, whipped in the wind. His whistle filled the air.

Why this book: I have owned this book for over 40 years. I first read it when I was around 10 years old and several times there after. I'm rereading it now for the Flashback Challenge.
My Thoughts: While re-reading this book I could still see what attracted me to it as a child. What a wonderful fantasy, a young boy befriends and tames a wild stallion on a desert island then trains it to race. Then wins a race against two of the greatest (fictional) racing horses of the time. I dreamed of owning a horse after reading this book and much of the rest of the series. A dream that did come true for me.

It is old fashioned, written in short sentences with lots of exclamation marks to help make sure you don't miss the exciting parts. Alec is unfailingly polite, as is most everyone else here. I couldn't help but love it this time through. I think it is a good read for anyone who loves horses, a great book for children. No review necessary by concerned parents. Get it!

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Teddyree said...

This was one of my favourite reads as a child, I re-read it last year for the Childhood Favourite's Challenge. My copy is about 30 years old lol

Holly said...

I had forgotten all about the Black Stallion books. Now I have another series to add to the book collection I am building for my son. I remember owning the Island Stallion and reading it over and over when I was younger :)

Rose City Reader said...

You just cleared something up for me. I just read Black Beauty for the first time. I was sorely disappointed. It wasn't anything like I expected.

Now I realize it was because, in the back of my brain, I had Black Beauty confused with The Black Stallion. No wonder I was bored.