Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman

About the book: Nobody said juggling a career and a relationship would be easy...Wren Valere used to have a simple life. Her partner Sergei would negotiate the terms of the Retrieval--all right, the theft--and she would use her magical Talent to carry it out. Paycheck deposited, on to the next job.Now? Her relationship with Sergei is even more complicated (sex will do that). Her fellow lonejacks are trying to organize against the Mage's Council. The nonhuman population of Manhattan is getting fed up with being ignored and abused. And the Council? Well, they have an agenda of their own, and it-s not one the lonejacks are going to like.When it comes down to choosing sides, the first rule of the lonejack credo is "Don't get involved." But when friends are in danger, and the city you love is at risk, sometimes getting into the thick of things is all you can do....
My thoughts: This, the third book in the Retrievers series, really kept me engaged. The paycheck mentioned in the product description comes from a job she has taken without consulting Sergei. The story of this retrieval twins through out the book and doesn't add much to the story the book is mainly about. The story line of a pending war between the Council and the independent retrievers (Lonejacks), and the fatae community (non humans) keeps building, with Wren becoming a target as someone tries to take her out. Yes, I'll have to get the next one!

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