Friday, October 16, 2009

The Night Gardner

About the book: George Pelecanos' biggest novel ever: the haunting story of three cops—one good, one bad, one broken—and the murder that reunites them in a showdown decades in the making.
Gus Ramone is "good police," a former Internal Affairs investigator now working homicide for the city's Violent Crime branch. His new case involves the death of a local teenager named Asa, whose body has been found in a local community garden.
The murder unearths intense memories of a case Ramone worked as a patrol cop twenty years earlier, when he and his partner, Dan "Doc" Holiday, assisted a legendary detective named T. C. Cook. The series of murders, all involving local teenage victims, was never solved. In the years since, Holiday has left the force under a cloud of morals charges, and now finds work as a bodyguard and driver. Cook has retired, but he has never stopped agonizing about the "Night Gardener" killings.
The new case draws the three men together on a grim mission to finish the work that has haunted them for years. All the love, regret, and anger that once burned between them comes rushing back, and old ghosts walk once more as the men try to lay to rest the monster who has stalked their dreams. Bigger and even more unstoppable than his previous thrillers, George Pelecanos achieves in The Night Gardener what his brilliant career has been building toward: a novel that is a perfect union of suspense, character, and unstoppable fate.
My Thoughts: This was much more than a murder mystery/thriller. More than anything it seems to be a commentary on how we live as people, how racial lines are drawn. I had to write down the characters with short notes to keep track of everyone. In the end, I found it unfulfilling and sad.
**SPOILER** I felt this way because, as hard as these men worked to find the murdered from 20 years ago (who they thought murdered the child in the present) they didn't do it. The last pages, with the old murderer standing over the place where the child had died was like a slap in the face.

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Jo, a retired teacher said...

I read that one too. It wasn't one of my favorites either.